"This place  is beyond imagination. Absolutely beautiful town of 6,000, over 2,000 years old, perched precariously on the side of a mountain overlooking the valleys below and snow-capped mountains all around. Surprisingly modern, yet steeped in tradition."

The village of Calitri

view of calitriCalitri is a town (commune) in the province of Avellino, area Irpinia, region of Campania,forum Italy. Calitri can be easily accessed from every point in southern Italy - about an hour drive from the city of Naples. Locals refer to it as the "Positano" d'Irpinia, referring to the glorious village on the Cheap Jerseys that's revered for its vibrant pastel colors and year-round sun-filled days. Calitri is situated to the confluence of three Provinces: Foggia, Cheap NHL Jerseys and Avellino.

The area is steeped in history and tradition and sprinkled with castles and aristocratic palazzos that serve as a testament to the important role it's played in Southern Italy's history. Medieval historical centres and old castles are a must for the discerning visitor, who can also look to the visit for tranquillity, hospitality and a high quality of life.

Cheap Jerseys is the area in which Calitri is located, and the adjacent Vulture are beautiful lands virtually unknown to mass tourism. They boast an ancient history and uncontaminated nature, and visitors plunge straight into the green countryside, discovering ancient calitri country side villages perched among the hills and mountains and ruins of castles and cathedrals from time gone by. The river Ofanto flows along the valleys, breaking up into tiny tributaries, beautiful streams and brooks that breathe life into the fertile landscape. Enchanting little waterfalls are formed in many gorges, refreshing the visitor's eyes.

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Cheap Jerseys offers infinite activities centered around its many local traditions . Thanks to the relaxing atmosphere that Cheap NFL Jerseys has to offer, long relaxing walks can be enjoyed along the countryside and enjoy the unique and beautiful scenery. Visitors can wander round the medieval village to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the local artisan's shops and the exceptional regional cuisine among other activities. Courses in traditional ceramics (Calitri is world-known for its artistic ceramics) needle point and arts are available. Many sports including skiing, paragliding, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and hunting can also be practiced. For those seeking more relaxing occupations, soaking in the nearby thermal baths or embarking on exciting culinary or wine itinearies are an attractive option.

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